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Pre-order your copy of the upcoming book, The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principals to Promote Peace, Freedom, and a Culture of Life By: Jason Jones & John Zmirak. 

All the wars and cruelties of the twentieth century could happen again in the twenty-first, unless we wake up and recommit to fundamental moral truths that safeguard human rights and the common good - "whole life" principles for liberty, justice and peace.

What would you think if we told you that: All the horrors that marked the twentieth century were going to happen all over again. . This time the cruelties and casualties will be even greater, thanks to more advanced technologies. . The next mass atrocities will face less resistance, and generate fewer "rescuers," because the West is even less hobbled by religious scruples about killing the innocent than it was in 1939. . The twenty-first century will be remembered not for Twitter, iTunes, expanding democracy, and the final dismantling of prejudice - but for total warfare, biological weapons, and the virtual disappearance of human rights as a concept.

That might be the ugly future, warn the authors of The Race to Save Our Century, unless modern man wakes up and recommits to fundamental moral truths that safeguard human rights and the common good.

In The Race to Save Our Century, human rights activist Jason Jones and political/economic scholar John Zmirak, combine to issue a stark warning to the West, and to call on readers to embrace and promote five core principles of a Culture of Life: The innate dignity of every human person, regardless of race, age, or handicap. . The existence of a transcendent moral order, by which we judge the justice of all laws and policies. The need for a humane economy that embraces freedom in a context of social responsibility. The crucial importance of decentralized, responsive government that preserves civil society and freedom. The need for solidarity, for a sense of fellow feeling and common obligation toward each and every member of the human race.

Hardcover ships September, 2014. Domestic shipping included.

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